GunPreventTM Helping Security Cameras become Intelligent Video Threat Detectors

GunPreventTM is part of an intelligent video threat detection system that can be deployed in areas where security is a concern and authorities need to be alerted to potential threats as fast as possible. Having your security teams visually scan multiple camera feeds for criminal, violent intent is time consuming, costly and frequently results in missed events. A system that complements and assists human review by filtering of all your video feeds and highlighting when guns are unholstered enables your security team to concentrate on video feeds requiring specific attention. Human review is then focused on assessing intent and responding to the situation.

So how does it work? We can either access data from your existing camera systems or oversee installation of cameras as needed. Our proprietary system will then analyze the video feeds in real-time and notify your security team that further review is required. Alerts will be sent MUCH faster compared to detection by humans who are scanning multiple video camera screens. Our system is very cost-effective, with options for either monthly subscriptions or leased hardware and software.

Why Guns?

GunPrevent was started as NanoWatt Design wanted a real-world example of how visual object detection can work on our Visual Computing Platform (VCP). It is a perfect example of how computers and security cameras can complement human vision to provide additional information on a situation, resulting in a better outcome for everyone.

Want to try it out?

If you would like to try out our demo, please upload a picture with or without a gun (click here). Please contact us for additional information on how GunPrevent and our Visual Computing Platform can work for you.

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What is GunPrevent

GunPrevent analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns

GunPrevent Technology

Technology enhances safety