GunPrevent: Intelligent Video Threat Detection

Our goal with GunPreventTM is to find common ground and avoid the debate about gun laws. For example, there should be universal agreement that when a gun is exposed in a school the security team should know this immediately and have the option to send an alert. Whether good guys or bad guys, the information about the presence of a gun should be made available.

Privacy and data security concerns are of utmost importance. We believe that facility managers should be able to easily customize their alert system to maintain privacy and make best use of information that is provided. We also believe that identifying individuals is counter-productive, and will slow down introduction of safety systems that highlight the presence of guns.

We have a technical solution that provides an unobtrusive layer of safety and notification. We’re particularly interested in making sure people are safe. When our GunPreventTM system gives an early warning and helps save lives, then all the work we’ve put into creating this service becomes the most important contribution to society that we can make in our careers.

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GunPrevent analyzes your live video camera streams to look for guns

GunPrevent Technology

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